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Fasting & Prayer

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Our address is:

213 East 144th Street, Bronx, NY, 10451

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Weekly Scedule



Our G.S
Pastor W.F Kumuyi


Our Pastor
Pastor Ralph B. Essien




Recordings: The Visit

Click here to order recordings from the G.S visit.

Bible Study

Every week we listen to a study from our G.S Pastor W.F Kumuyi. Click here to see the latest or visit for the full archive.

Daily manna

Click here to read the daily devotional published by our church in Nigeria and authored by our G.S, Pastor W.F Kumuyi. Its also a strongly suggested reading by our Pastor Ralph Essien in the Bronx.

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Search the Scripture

We now have the Search The Scripture online! Click here to check it out in PDF.

  • A Visit From the G.S & His Wife A Visit From the G.S & His Wife Click to order a recording of the service.
  • Bible Study Bible Study Check out these studies led by the G.S, Pastor W.F Kumuyi.
  • The Daily Manna The Daily Manna Click to check out this devotional published by our church.
  • Search the Scriptures Search the Scriptures Click to check out the latest volume of the STS online.


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